About us

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NILUS SPRL is an innovative solution provider in implementing Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing systems for high-value knowledge discovery and decision support. The company has developed an advanced cross-language Natural Language Understanding platform called Prehendo®, which analyses the meaning of what is being searched for and provides the relevant information to the user. Prehendo®, is especially used by European Institutions to process unstructured text.

Expertise area

NILUS company is specialized in semantic processing of text documents. The company is at the edge of the technology and masters related practical and theoretical knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. The differentiator of our team is its capabilities in applying theoretical knowledge on practical domain.

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Our main expertise is in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, we are involved in the Natural Language Processing Technology which is a sub-field of the Artificial Intelligence and where the object is the processing of the textual data.

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We used our expertise in text processing especially within the domain of Legal Informatics where we process automatically Legal Documents. The difficulty of applying NLP techniques on Legal Informatics is the fact that the texts are written by using a rich language which can include very general terms as well as very specific legal terms. Succeeding in this area requires a hybrid expertise namely expertise in Law and expertise Artificial Intelligence. We achieved excellent results in this area and gained considerable experience in this specific field.

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Big Data is not a buzzword but it is a natural progress which is the result of growing information over the web. Our team has important skills in technologies such as Hadoop, Map Reduce, Mahout. Our expertise in this area enabled us to process efficiently tera-bytes of text documents.

What our team says

Tony, Statistician
"Our strength is to be able to structure automatically the unstructured information. For this end, we have a team which excels in semantic annotation, ontologies and mathematical modelling."
Isabelle, Analyst
"An important aspect of our team is to bridge academical knowledge with the practical industrial knowledge. This enables us to model the most complex problems in a creative way. Our Java developers are clearly extraordinary in implementing the models that I provide."
Michael, Senior Developer
"Our team has a great capability to envision products that can help his clients. NILUS enabled me to work on projects which are at the edge of the technology."